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  • W D Gann Time Factor Cycles
ANNOUNCING: The Thirty-Second Jewel by Constance Brown 1000+ pages. Hint: To halt a chart move mouse over button .

Aerodynamic Investments Inc

Incorporated in June of 1996

image Time Factors. That is the key to surviving today's volatility. W.D. Gann was a master of Time and Price forecasting. Constance Brown, better known by clients as Connie Brown, is one of the world's leading practitioners of Gann Analysis. Other methods include harmonic cycles, Euclid and non-Euclid geometries, Elliott, Fibonacci and Gann confluence price accuracy. Cycles are computer tested and the efficiency tested models are some of the most accurate in the world for detecting bear markets.

Thirty years in the financial markets has built a global reputation for global cash flow analysis with market interaction timing.


Constance Brown, CFTe, MFTA

* International Federation of Technical Analysts. (IFTA.org)

imageConnie is on IFTA's Education Committee. She holds the industry's highest accreditation; Master of Financial Technical Analysis. Named the 2018 Hall of Fame inductee by the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts. A former institutional trader (SP500 trading specialist), retired hedge fund manager, global financial cash flow analyst, and President/Founder of Aerodynamic Investments Inc.   

Connie founded the 'Composite Index' recommended by George Lane, Stochastics’ founder, in the introduction of 'Technical Analysis for the Trading Professional'. The oscillator warns when RSI has failed to form a warning divergence signal and is now used by traders in numerous markets and time horizons. This book is required reading for the IFTA CFTe exams. (Formerly required for CMT III)

Author of nine books with the ninth being the book the industry has wanted for two decades on the methods of W.D. Gann including formulae, and Time Factors explained, demonstrated, and cross-referenced to Gann's own books. The Thirty-Second Jewel was released in October of 2019. (tap 'new book' in the menu.)