Market Coverage Details Offered by Subscription
image Hi, My name is Claudia. I am on call when things get crazy. I am not here every day but many of you know me. I work to help clients with their subscriptions and administration when seminars are scheduled.
  • S&P500
  • DJIA
  • CAC, DAX, FTSE** Occasional
  • India Nifty** Long-term only
  • Oil
  • CANADA TSX** Occasional
  • Recommended Stocks and Sectors
  • EURUSD** Occasional Coverage
  • Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore Strait
  • Rates
  • Gold and (Bitcoin Occasional)

Market Coverage

The Monthly Report is a magazine spread to review trends in an intermediate view. It will stay online all month until the newest Monthly Report is posted.

SUNDAY REPORT - Really about the Friday close and week ahead. No Sunday Daily Report is posted when the newest Monthly is posted on the same Sunday.

No Report Mondays

TUESDAY to THURSDAY - Daily reports are posted late in the evening. (EST time.)

Footnote: Please know I do not teach within these reports. If you are not familiar with my method of analysis you will find 3 books of help. 1. Fibonacci Analysis, 2. Technical Analysis for the Trading Professional, and Gann methods applied are described in 3. The Thirty-Second Jewel. ( or select from the top menu 'New Book'.)

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