Market Coverage Details Offered by Subscription
image Hi, My name is Claudia. I am on call when things get crazy. I am not here every day but many of you know me. I work to help clients with their subscriptions and administration when seminars are scheduled.
  • S&P500
  • DJIA
  • CAC, DAX, FTSE** Occasional
  • Oil
  • CANADA TSX** Occasional
  • Recommended Stocks and ETFs
  • EURUSD** Occasional Coverage
  • Rates
  • Gold and Bitcoin Occasional

Market Coverage

The Bi-Monthly Magazine is a review of global trends or stock sectors in an intermediate view. It remains online until the newest publication is posted.

WEEKLY REPORTS - A general view for the week ahead.

DAILY REPORTS - No Report Mondays, TUESDAY to THURSDAY the reports are posted late in the evening. (EST time.) Occassionally no report will be posted when markets are quiet.

If you are new, please know I do not teach in these reports. If you are not familiar with my method of analysis you will find 3 books of help. 1. Fibonacci Analysis, 2. Technical Analysis for the Trading Professional, and Gann methods are described in 3. The Thirty-Second Jewel. ( or select from the top menu'.)

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