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The Complete Works of W.D. Gann
The Thirty-Second Jewel: Thirty-Years behind Market Charts
from Price to W.D. Gann Time Cycles
by Constance Brown

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The financial industry has defined 32nd Jewel as the most complete and comprehensive book about Gann Analysis written. Twenty years in the making with extensive research following the footsteps of WD Gann in India, Egypt, London, New York, and Tibet. Gann's writings have extensive explanations to show clearly how his calculations were made. Gann was a master of marketing spin. The methods he used for trading and those for sales chain promotion are clearly defined. The industry has many teachers who have misunderstood Gann Analysis. As example, square of the range is not the formula many teach throughout India. Another common problem; just because you have a physical Square of Nine Wheel, does not mean you can extract targets for any market. Your wheel only has incremental steps of + or - one. This does not work in today's market ranges and you must know how to define the correct factors to use. Gann analysis is neither speed lines that look like a fan, nor just a target along one axis. Gann analysis is the confluence of THREE axes and you must know how to correctly define all three targets on the horizontal, diagonal, and vertical. Left unchecked, Gann's methods were being lost. Thirty-second Jewel brings us back to the roots of Gann's intention and application with the facts a reader needs to understand the Law of Vibration for both Price and Time.

Gann book ... (page size - 11 inches wide. 8.25 tall, will be 2.3 inches thick.)
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