2019 Seminar Schedule


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These are new courses.

Advanced Technical Analysis - 2-days - US$ 3,250

Required reading please: 'Technical Analysis for the Trading Professional'.
Strong Technical Analysis skills are essential for all market analysis disciplines. This course covers the topics in Connie Brown's books written BEFORE 2019. This is not a beginner's class on how to start at an elementary level. Topics include - Fibonacci Confluence, Elliott Wave, Oscillators with Probability Analysis, Global Market Cash Flow, Price Projection and Risk Management.


Gann Analysis - 4-days - US$ 9,900

Only offered after the release of the new book in 2019 so you have in hand a text book. This course is extensive and covers Gann's methods applied to current markets. The course will not have a pre-requisite as before, but Gann Analysis is not where you start to learn technical analysis. This course covers Gann methods, Time Factors, Geometric applications, and Harmonic Cycles.


International Lecture Schedule - Europe (IFTA Society)

London, England
Zurich, Switzerland
Frankfurt, Germany
Stockholm, Sweden
Cairo, Egypt

1.5-Hour Online Class Fibonacci Confluence Zone- US$ 400
Next class will be on July 27th, 2019 (a Saturday
9:30am to 11:00am EDT -New York Time)

Live with 2-way communication and current real-time charts. This is not a static Powerpoint.

1. How to Create Fibonacci Confluence Zone Targets
2. Entry/Exit Techniques


1. The Class is $400.00. Thank you. Select the button above.
2. A link to the classroom is sent to you 2 days before the class.
CAUTION. . . Only you can sign in. If a second person comes in with your link and name you are both blocked by Adobe. The 'classroom' is software used by Harvard and Duke Universities. All done on real-time live charts, white-boards, interactive. NO POWER-POINT. (Yawn)