2022 Seminar Schedule - Online and Live

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Introduction to Gann Analysis with
a Global Market Review
Saturday September 24, 2022
2.0 hours. 10 AM to 12:00 PM (EDT)
Online Class - $590

Live with 2-way communication and current real-time charts.
Charts created during class will be made available to you for 3-months.

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Gann Analysis - 4-days - US$ 11,900
December 14-17, 2022

Class size - 2 people only.
Prerequisites - Must be vaccinated please.
1. At least one of Gann's Course,
2. The Thirty-Second Jewel. (This is for background only and to raise questions. You
do not need to be proficient in the book's contents. )

This course covers Gann Price and Time methods, Time Factors, Geometric applications, and Harmonic Cycles. The focus is entirely on application in financial markets. Please read the book to grasp the depth of this material before you attend. You are not expected to be proficient... just familar with the big picture of what Gann Analysis is or is not. Software you use should be brought to the seminar.


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Free - PDF Composite Index Study by Constance Brown

A comprehensive research paper on the Composite Index in
several Global Markets. Paper includes the oscillator formula.