32nd Jewel - Press & Testimonials

Reviews and Reader Comments on the new book :
The Thirty-Second Jewel by Constance Brown


Published Review - The Journal of the Society of Technical Analysts - UK
- Issue 89 - September 2020;

This was a 2 page review. Below is the final conclusion in the review.

"So, in conclusion, this is a massive volume, the most comprehensive work I have ever seen on W.D. Gann. Indeed it is destined to become the definitive Gann bible of our time. But it's more that. It is well written and its narrative carries both the story of a quest for Gann knowledge and an explanation of his methods. This is the book that finally opens the suitcase to Gann's world and his secrets. Those methods the ones that he veiled and hid in his books. In truth, it will appeal to those analysts who are already captured by the story of this extraordinary man, his strange language and his methods in the analysis of markets. It's a Sherlock Holmes story of our time."

- David Watts, MSTA


"I have been a bond portfolio manager for two decades and followed in the footsteps of my father and grandfather. I remember as a kid visiting their office and seeing a gann wheel on my grandad wall and always wondering what the heck it was. Your chapter on how to calculate the Treasury bond levels in excel was something I was instantly drawn to. So I spent the day yesterday building a spreadsheet out that would calculate the levels without using a wheel and low and behold they are pure magic. Using the other confluence zones is going to be some legendary stuff and I just want to thank you for taking the time to put all this wonderful information together. " 

"OMG, It's a Masterpiece!"

- RR, Australia

"It's your Magnum Opus, beautiful and moving.

      I feel like a kid again with this book. I also have dyslexia - the last time I remember being this excited was when my folks got me an DOS game, Command and Conquer along with a complete Lord of the Rings book trilogy. I don't know why your book has triggered such an excitement, but it has!!
      The first section I went to was the story of Elinor Smith. First, I was moved because I worked as a nurses aide for a long time and took care of primarily people who suffer with Alzheimer's. You most certainly gave Ms. Smith as much joy with your visit and genuine interest in her as she gave to you with her amazing gift. 
      Your story is about as close to a real Indiana Jones as I think I'll ever get read, this is the most astounding work I've ever read and I can't wait to read more. I see a great many sleepless nights ahead!

Congratulations on such an accomplishment!!!"


"It's been just over 24 hours since opening that precious package (the girlfriend said I was smiling wider than a kid on Christmas) and I have to say.... WOW. This is truly a masterpiece and clearly the result of much painstaking research over the course of a whole career. I really just love all of the little touches and bonus material (PTJ's first PnL statements?!... that is some real dream fodder). Can't wait to complete the first of what I'm sure will be many passes through this work.


"I received my copy of your jaw-droppingly amazing Magnum Opus today!  I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your incredible labors that you have so generously shared with traders who are hungry for Knowledge.

What an incredible tour de force you have produced... truly mind-blowing across several dimensions.

I can see the book is worthy of many years of study.  Thank you so much for sharing things which will not only open my eyes to revelations about the structure and function of financial markets (and the Universe), but also for the fact that I'm sure it will smile upon my account balance.  :^)

Many thanks, Gratitude, and much Admiration for your Great Achievement,

- Software Engineer NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (past 28 years), USA


Subject: A Masterpiece

Thank you for this extraordinary compilation of real information. I have been trying to figure out Gann trading for over 20 years. I have read countless books and articles. I have spent hours reading and re reading “Tunnel Through The Air” as well as other Gann books and Bayer’s works as well. And while I have had some success and revelations, your book has given the true path to putting together all that disparate and veiled information into a coherent whole theory. I can’t describe how grateful I am for the information. And the amazing thing is that I am a little less than half way through the book!!!  WOW!!! For the record I am aware of no other Book that reveals as much as you have about Gann’s astrological philosophy and theory. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


Nothing can possibly prepare you for your book. It is the ultimate Gann bible!