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(Thirty-Second Jewel) "Best book I ever read."
-Larry Jacobs, Editor TradersWorld Magazine

A new book about applying Gann market price and timing, harmonics, geometry, real-time global market charts mapping the price swings throughout 2018.

The Thirty-Second Jewel: Thirty Years Behind Market Charts from Price
to W.D. Gann Time Cycles - 2019

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Table of Contents - EXPLORE the book '32nd Jewel'
This book has 1096 pages, link leads to the Table of Contents

ISBN 978-0-692-17453-1


Technical Analysis for the Trading Professional,
Second Edition - 2012

George Lane Stochastics Foreword by George C. Lane.
Selected by the International Federation of Technical Analysis ( as required reading for the CFTe Exam. PUBLISHER: McGraw-Hill (Reader Level - ADVANCED)
ISBN 978-0-07-175914-4

Composite Index Oscillator: Tap left link to download the Composite Index described in the book. This is a separate pdf research study written in 2015.


Fibonacci Analysis - 2007

Fibonacci Constance Brown Gold Medal winner . . .
from the Axiom Business Books Awards in 2009. Awarded to a book with outstanding creativity that is innovative. intelligent. and allows us to think, see, and work differently every day. The category was open to all continents."
PUBLISHER: Bloomberg Press (Reader Level - ADVANCED)
ISBN 978-0-07-175914-4.

Mastering Elliott Wave Principle; Elementary Concepts, Wave Patterns, And Practice Exercises - 2012

Elliott Wave Principle True to RN Elliott's Wave Principle . . .
this book teaches the application of balance, proportion, and symmetry explained step by step through the use of actual screen-shots and examples that cover a variety of markets and time horizons.

PUBLISHER: Bloomberg Press and John Wiley& Sons (Reader Level - INTERMEDIATE)
ISBN 978-0-470-92353-5

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Mastering Elliott Wave Principle - BOOK 2 - ADVANCED -

Regarding the second book . . . the first book was immediately stollen in China and distributed worldwide as a free PDF. THEREFORE, the manuscript for the second book was withheld from Wiley. It has not been published. The global cash flow information can be found in the new book 32nd Jewel.


All About Technical Analysis - 2003

Trading Markets An absolute beginner . . .
will need a few basics before reaching for this book. This book answers how the financial markets are connected and explains the different theologies of technical analysis practitioners. This book recorded the intraday financial markets on 911 to study an Intermarket shockwave.
PUBLISHER: McGraw-Hill (Reader Level - MULTI)
ISBN 978-0-07-145808-5