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Excluding the 13 Appendix Chapters with the Lost Newspapers of 1933 and 1934,
Rare Documents, Formulas, Conversion Tables, and Artifacts of Gann's Suitcase

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Global Cash Flow Analysis

  • Chapter One - A Study of England ‘s 19th Century Panics and Global Repercussions
    • Introduction
    • Crisis of 1815
    • Crisis of 1825
    • Crisis of 1836-1839
    • Crisis of 1847
    • Crisis of 1857
    • Crisis of 1866
    • Crisis of 1873
    • Crisis of 1882
    • Crisis of 1890 and 1893

  • Chapter Two - Identifying the Lead or Lagging Market

Fibonacci Confluence Zones

  • Chapter Three - A Common Error by Readers of “Fibonacci Analysis”

The Elliott Wave Principle

  • Chapter Four - The Elliott Wave Principle: Common Misunderstandings
    • Impulsive Waves
    • Corrective Waves

  • Chapter Five - The Composite Index with the Elliott Wave Principle
    • The Composite Index
    • Using the Composite Index to Define Elliott Wave Structure

Problem-Solving Skills – Logic Algorithms and Critical Reasoning

  • Chapter Six - Structured Critical Reasoning

  • Chapter Seven - Socratic Questioning

Trading Rules and Risk Management

  • Chapter Eight - Gann Rules I Regret Breaking, Yet Survived to Tell
    • How to Determine the Correct Leverage and Stop Placement
    • Gann Trading Rules

The 32nd Jewel: Gann Analysis – Part 1

  • Chapter Nine - Down the Rabbit Hole
    • Introduction to the Study of Gann Analysis
    • The Egyptian and Mesopotamian Calendar Begins in Taurus: Not Aries

  • Chapter Ten - Music Can Be Understood Geometrically
    • Introduction to Music Geometry
    • Harmonics: Intervals, Scales, Meaning of Whole and Halftones
    • Mathematics: The Perfect Fourth and Perfect Fifth
    • Mathematics of Cents and Intervals
    • Addition and Subtraction of Harmonic Ratios
    • Lattice Diagrams: A First Step to Understanding the Law of Vibration
    • The Pythagorean Scale Applied
    • Circle of Fifths and the Gann Square of Nine Wheel
    • Fundamental Frequency and Harmonic Overtones for Cycle Analysis
  • Chapter Eleven - Gann Geometry Basics

  • Chapter Twelve - Geometric Study of Harmonic Division
    • The Geometry of Proportion
    • Sacred Geometry
    • Euclid Propositions Applied to Markets
      • Euclid Proposition: Construct a Square Inscribed Inside the Circle
        (The Elements: Book IV: Proposition 6) – AAPL
      • Euclid Proposition: Construct a Square Inscribed Inside the Circle
        (The Elements: Book IV: Proposition 6) EURJPY
      • Euclid Proposition: Perpendicular Bisector of the Line Segment AB
        (The Elements: Book IV: Proposition 5) – IBM
      • Euclid Proposition: Construct an Angle Bisector for a Given Angle
        (The Elements: Book I: Proposition 9) IBM

  • Chapter Thirteen - Other Geometries: The Ellipse, the Helix and Pentagram
    • The Ellipse and Non-Euclidean Geometry
    • Sine Waves are Angles and Ratios
    • The Helix, Square of 19, and Spiral Charting
    • The Pentagram

  • Chapter Fourteen - The e-Mail read: “Why Don’t You Ask Her? Elinor Smith is Still Alive.”

  • Chapter Fifteen - Gann’s Mystery in a Suitcase: The Unpublished Formulae

  • Chapter Sixteen - The Law of Vibration
    • Plato’s Lambda Tetractys and Harmonic Vibrations
    • The Law of Vibration

  • Chapter Seventeen - How Gann Hides the Law of Vibration in Tunnel Thru the Air

  • Chapter Eighteen - Astronomy and Hermetic Universal Astro-Sciences
    • Introduction: Hermetic or Hellenistic Astrology is not Vedic Astrology
    • Astronomy
      • The Ecliptic
      • The Earth’s Precession
      • The Language of Planet Glyphs and Zodiac Signs
      • Latitude and Longitude
      • Declination
      • Solar Day and Sidereal Day
      • The Equinox and Solstice
      • Aspect Angles and Orb Settings
      • S&P500 Cycle Testing: Apogee and Perigee, and Moon Phases
      • Retrograde
        • Testing Retrograde Planetary Motion with Transiting Sun in Crude Oil
        • Retrograde Motion in FOREX Markets
  • Chapter Nineteen - The Zodiac and The Fiercely Guarded Secret

The 32nd Jewel: Gann Analysis: Part 2 – Price and Time

  • Chapter Twenty - Gann Time Cycles Evaluated
    • Biblical Time is Harmonic
    • Bible Calculations of Time
    • The 90-Year and 45-Year Cycles (1080 and 540 months)
    • The 84-Year Uranus Cycle
    • The 56-Year Cycle
    • Gann’s 49-Year Cycle in Tunnel
    • The 30-Year Saturn Cycle
    • The 20-Year Perpetual Map of the NYSE
    • The 18.6 Lunar Cycle is Not the 19-Year Metonic Cycle
    • The 13.81-Year Jupiter – Uranus Cycle, and Synodical Cycles
    • Solar 11.2 – 11.5 Year Cycle - Sunspots and Cycles of War
    • Gann Mass Pressure Chart
    • How to Define the Cycle’s Cornerstone
    • Loss Motion

  • Chapter Twenty-One - Lesson One: Planetary Lines, Averages, Midpoints, More Diagonal Geometry
    • Planetary Lines
    • Planetary Averages
    • Planetary Midpoints
    • More Diagonal Geometry

  • Chapter Twenty-Two - Lesson Two: Fan Angles, Angles from Zero, and Balance
    • Fan Angles
    • Angles from Zero
    • Balance
    • Balance is More Than Technical Analysis

  • Chapter Twenty-Three - Lesson Three: Angles, Aspects, Trend Duration, and Harmonic Angles
    • “Natural Law”, “Natural Time”, and “Natural Dates”
    • Planetary Angles
    • Planetary Aspects
    • Steps for Testing an Aspect Culmination
    • Time Factor Clusters and Trend Duration
    • Squaring the Longitude to Define a Custom Aspect Angle
    • How to Make Profits in Commodities – The 1941 Versus 1951 Editions
    • Aspects in the 1929 Annual Stock Forecast
    • Futures Contract Basis Rollover

  • Chapter Twenty-Four - Lesson Four:  Trading Solar and Lunar Eclipses

  • Chapter Twenty-Five - Lesson Five: Swing Charts
    • Foundation Concepts
    • Global Market Analysis
    • The Italian Stock and Bond Markets
    • German Fundamental Data in Swing Charts

  • Chapter Twenty-Six - Lesson Six: Squaring Price and Time
    • Calendar Days Squared
    • Gann Tables
    • Squaring Price and Time
    • Squaring the Range
    • Squaring Time with Extreme Price Lows
    • How to Identify the Price Unit
    • Squaring Time with Extreme Price Highs
    • Price Equals Time^2
    • Using Alternate Angles within Squares to Create Parallel Trendlines
    • Overlay Harmonics

  • Chapter Twenty-Seven - Lesson Seven: The Mathematics Behind Gann’s Coffee Letter
    • Astronomical Calculations
    • Squaring Price and Time
    • Circle of Eight – Averaging Planetary Positions
    • Using a Raphael Ephemeris
    • Aspects to Price
    • Gann’s Use of Conjunctions and Oppositions in Tunnel and the Coffee Letter
    • Cotton Notes - Speculation A Profitable Profession; A Course of Instructions on Grains, published 1950, W.D. Gann

  • Chapter Twenty-Eight - Lesson Eight: Price to Longitude Applied
    • Price to Longitude Applied
    • S&P500 Intraday Trading
    • T-Bonds Intraday Trading
  • Chapter Twenty-Nine - Lesson Nine: Time/Price Charts – The Gann Wheels
    • The Hexagon
    • The Square of Nine
    • How to Put the 30Yr U.S. Treasury Bonds (32nds), into
      Gann’s Square of Nine
    • Creating Square of Nine Confluence Zones in U.S. Treasury Bonds
    • Price Factors in Multiple Global Markets with Square of 9 Confluence Zones on December 6, 2018
    • Wheel Formulae
    • Pythagorean Overlay
    • Gann’s ‘Dollar Value’

  • Chapter Thirty - Lesson Ten: Master Eggs Course – The Circle and Triangle Calculators
  • Chapter Thirty-One - Lesson Eleven: U.S. 10-Yr Treasury Notes – Computer Modelling Using Astronomical Cycle Formulae

  • Chapter Thirty-Two - Lesson Twelve: A Full 360-Degree Return to England‘s 19th Century Panics using Gann Analysis with a Forecast of Future Contractions
    • The Moon’s North Node
    • A Study of Aspects and the American Business Cycle

  • Chapter Thirty-Three - A Letter to the United Grand Lodge of England on Behalf of Gann
    • “I’m Confident the Curator Will Want to Speak with You…”
    •  The Remarkable W.D. Gann – An article by John L. Gann Jr., Grandson of W.D. Gann



Charts, Figures, and Graphs

The list of illustrations includes 590+ charts and graphs covering a ten-month period of time from March to December 2018 in the following markets - Equity Indexes in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, London, Ireland, France, Greece, India, Australia, Canada, Asia, and America. Forex markets, Crude Oil, Gold, and Silver. Major Tech stocks, Government Rates, Credit Spreads. Wheat, Cotton, Soybeans, and Soybean Oil.

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