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2015 - August -A Video of the SP500 August 2015 Flash Crash.

(note: No Audio as the chart size is very large for the internet. But the markers and added labels will guide you through the process.)

Length: 4 minutes

Video Points

  • This is a live recording of the actual SP500 flash crash
  • Fibonacci analysis is applied to find the following:.
  • MAJOR support target levels by creating confluence zones
  • developing a stop placement level

2014 - May - Live Global Online Presentation
for the International Federation of Technical Analysts
Title - Price Projection Methods, Connie Brown,CMT

Length: 58 minutes

price projection

Presentation Points

  • Markets include Saudi TASI, India BSE, China Shanghai Composite
  • German Dax, Stocks in the USA.
  • Fibonacci support and resistance Confluence Zones
  • Fibonacci Price Projection into a new market high
  • Why Banking Stocks are Important to TASI
  • Using Global Cash flow comparison for market direction
  • How price GAPS can be used to develop channels and price targets
  • Using Fibonacci Confluence zones for future price projection
  • Live chart demonstrations showing methods applied step-by-step
  • Developing Elliott Wave counts with Fibonacci confluence zones and oscillators. (Viewer Question leads to demonstration.)


Using Gann, Fibonacci, and Global Stock Market Indexes
to Trade SP500 Futures
... a presentation by Connie Brown, CMT

Audience: Professional Traders and Asset Managers
Location: Willis (Sears) Tower, Chicago, USA


Presentation Points
  • Live Analysis as Markets Trade
  • Using Global Equities to Increase Probability
  • Price Projection using various Technical Analysis Methods
  • Intermarket Relationships
  • Adjustment for Market Expansion and Contraction Cycles
  • Creating Fibonacci Support and Resistance confluence zones
  • Using Net Asset Values as Index markets
  • Hidden risks within Bond Funds Today
  • Where the next Global Market Bubble is building
  • Risk Management
  • SP500 Sector Analysis
  • Relationship between China's Shanghai Composite and Australia
  • the market leading US Treasury Bonds and Notes
  • Currency Risk Exposure in American Stocks
  • ... and more

Please e-mail for seminar details.