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Technical Analysis books authored
by Constance (Connie) Brown, CMT, MFTA

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  • Fibonacci Analysis

    Gold medal winner from Axiom Business Books Awards (2009)
    "Awarded to a book with outstanding creativity that is innovative, intelligent, and allows us to think, see, and work differently every day. The category was open to all continents."
    PUBLISHER: Bloomberg Press
    (Reader Level - ADVANCED)
    ISBN 978-1-57660-261-4

Technical Analysis for the Trading Professional, Second Edition

Jan. 2012
Foreword by George C. Lane
Selected by the Market Technicians Association in New York City ( as required reading for the CMT III Final Exam. (Chartered Market Technician)
(Reader Level - ADVANCED)
ISBN 978-0-07-175914-4

Mastering Elliott Wave Principle ; Elementary Concepts, Wave Patterns, And Practice Exercises

- 2012
True to RN Elliott's Wave Principle this book teaches the application of balance, proportion, and symmetry explained step by step through the use of actual screenshots and examples that cover a variety of markets and time horizons.
PUBLISHER: Bloomberg Press and John Wiley& Sons
(Reader Level - INTERMEDIATE)
ISBN 978-0-470-92353-5

Mastering Elliott Wave Principle ; Advanced Concepts to Global Market cash flow Analysis

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Breakthroughs in Technical Analysis : New Thinking from the World's Top Minds

- 2007
(A collection of authors selected by David Keller, now the Chief Technical Analyst for Fidelity Management)
PUBLISHER: Bloomberg Press
(Reader Level - ADVANCED)

ISBN 978-1-57660-242-3

The Illustrated Guide to Technical Analysis

- (A Visual Dictionary of Signals and Phrases.)
This book exists electronically. It is used to see various degrees of signals such as weak divergence to strong confirmed signals. The titles over the charts are the descriptions. This book was written for reference only and to bridge language issues.
(Reader Level - MULTI)

ISBN 0-07-144207-3

Technical Analysis DeMystified - A Self-Teaching Guide

- 2008
Not written for beginners that have never read any other books on technical analysis. But if you have the basics this book is for you with a few hidden gems my advanced readers will find of WD Gann.
(Reader Level - MULTI)

ISBN 978-0-07-145808-5

All About Technical Analysis

- 2003
An absolute beginner will need a few basics before reaching for this book. This book answers how the financial markets are connected and explains the different theologies of technical analysis practitioners. This book recorded the intraday financial markets on 911 to study an Intermarket shockwave.
(Reader Level - MULTI)

ISBN 978-0-07-145808-5

Aerodynamic Trading

- 1995
SOLD OUT but still floating around the world in a second market. Just might update it someday. This first book is not about technical analysis. As a former International Swimmer the psychology of trading is similar to high stakes sport. This book shares the lessons from Olympic coaches and a host of life lessons as they apply to the trading desk.
PUBLISHER: New Classics Library
(Reader Level - MULTI)

ISBN 0-932750-42-7

Gann Analysis

When I'm old and gray and sitting on a porch drinking mint juleps... the first draft is in a safety deposit box now.
(Reader Level - Higher Wisdom)

ISBN 0-0000-0-Someday

Market Technicians Association Journal of Technical Analysis:
Winter 1993 - Spring 1994: The Derivative Oscillator: A New Approach for an Old Problem, (PDF download)
- Connie Brown

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